Harness the Power of the Invincible Mind

(Spatial Strategy to Success and Happiness)

Harness the Power of the Invincible Mind: Spatial Strategy to Success and Happiness by Alex Neumann is a motivational book about throwing away old misconceptions and using a new strategy in order to move forward. This book successfully uses many examples and interesting anecdotal stories to make its point.

There are ten chapters in this book. I identified more with some of them than others. One of the main lessons that impacted me in this book is Ride Your Adversity. I would interpret it as Do Not Fear or Wallow in Adversity. Extreme fear of failure can result in stagnation, cowering in fear, or refusing to move forward. Basically, fear of failure can lead to failure. Wallowing in adversity can lead to an unhappy, stagnant life. Learning from your adversity can give you success in the future.

Another strong message I got from this book is, basically, Don’t Be Afraid To Try. Among the anecdotal examples are the following: Michael Jordan missed 9000 shots while having one of the most, if not the most, successful basketball careers in history. Einstein and Beethoven were deemed failures before they achieved greatness. JK Rowling came from poverty and was living on public assistance.

This book gives many other interesting and compelling anecdotes to make its points in a very successful way.

There are also lessons that I enjoyed on learning to say no and what happens when you try to control everything.

Harness the Power of the Invincible Mind contains some Buddhist principles, and I am a Christian, but there are still some helpful strategies that anyone of any faith can use to overcome setbacks and move on to a happy and successful life right now.

I found this book, and its anecdotal stories, to be interesting and helpful. I would recommend it to everyone, but especially those who are feeling hurt and discouraged.

Bottom Line: If you are discouraged, read this book!

If you are feeling discouraged, wishing you love and happiness!

I received a free copy of this book from Alex Neumann via Netgalley. My review is voluntary.

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