Nominate Your Favorite Books of 2021.

As I start to contemplate my annual “Best of 2021” list, I want to know what books have inspired you this year. I’m interested in nominations from you for your favorites of 2021 in the following genres:

Historical Fiction



Science Fiction/Fantasy

Paranormal/Magical Realism



Young Adult/Middle Grade

Please provide nominations below for YOUR favorites in these genres, and I will provide a post in late December highlighting the books that the readers of this blog found to be the most popular this year.

Be sure to include the genre with your comment below. Keep the comments coming! I want lots of nominations.

16 thoughts on “Nominate Your Favorite Books of 2021.”

  1. Historical Fiction: Catching Katie by Robin Lee Hatcher (19th Amendment), Land That I Love by Gail Kittleson (my favorite of her WWII historical novels), Where Shall I Flee? by Anne Clare

    Nonfiction: The Rescuer by Jason Sautel, Missileman by John Clauson. Also my own Leora’s Dexter Stories: The Scarcity Years of the Great Depression.

    YA: The Spyglass (the third in the Adventures of Niko Monroe series) by Tyler Scott Hess

    Romance: A Lowcountry Bride by Preslaysa Williams


  2. What a great idea. Here are my nominations
    Historical Fiction: A Ghost and His Gold by Roberta Cheadle
    Paranormal/Magical Realism: Things Old and Forgotten by Mae Claire
    Nonfiction: Flashes of Life: True Tales of the Extraordinary Ordinary by Pamela Wight
    Mystery: Mayday by Amy Reade
    Young Adult/Middle Grade: The Family Way by Laura Best

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