Crow’s Feet: Life As We Age

Crow’s Feet: Life As We Age is a collection of essays and poems by and for those of us over 50. There are 36 works by various authors who explore different aspects of aging. The overall theme I found is that our age does not define us and does not limit us.

At the age of 56, I understand these essays in ways I would have not have when I was younger. Not every story spoke to me, but the ones that didn’t necessarily speak to me will speak to others.

Even if I didn’t always identify with the message of a particular author, they are all well written and the collection is well edited by Nancy Peckenham.

The following five works were my favorites:

When I Go Down, It Will Be With a Smile on my Face by Shea McNaughton, which is about finding joy and adventure on the back of a Harley at the age of 60.

And the Years Have Flown Away like the Leaves on a Mid-October Day by Julia E. Hubbel who talks about the changing seasons of life.

Like a Fine Wine We Get Better With Age by Michelle Monet explains how we get better and better every day, even if we might move a little slower.

Life at 102 by Nancy Peckenham introduces us to the author’s amazing 102 year old mother and how she has always embraced the challenges of growing older with energy and physical activity.

Looking at Old in a New Way by Maggie Frye explains that we can grow older and not feel old.

Although the five works above were my personal favorites, people over 50 will find others they personally enjoy and identify with in this collection. I had a smile on my face many times as I read about women my age or older than me having grand adventures, including posing nude, traveling on motorcycles, and sporting purple hair! This book is a testament to the fact that life gets even richer and more rewarding as you grow older.

I received a free copy of this collection from the editor. My opinions are my own and my review is voluntary.

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