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Today I want to bring to your attention again a great author, Gail Meath, who writes historical fiction, often about great and accomplished women who are not as well known in history. Countess Jacqueline of Holland, leader and warrior, is the Subject of Meath’s book, Countess Jacqueline. See my review below.

Countess Jacqueline by Gail Meath is a prize-winning historical romance based upon the life of the real Countess Jacqueline of Holland, who ruled the counties of Holland, Zeeland, and Hainut in the Low Countries (Netherlands) from 1417 to 1433. The book opens with Jacqueline as a young girl whose father is already trying to arrange her marriage to secure his kingdom. Fiercely independent and an excellent horsewoman and archer, she resists marriage as long as she can. After the death of her father, politics come into play as another heir demands her title and her lands. Jacqueline fights for her lands and her people, making mistakes along the way, and possibly finding the love of her life.

This is a very well written novel by Gail Meath, who weaves together a captivating story by combining both real and fictional characters to create a spellbinding saga. The true story of Jacqueline’s life, battles, and marriages, and her love of and dedication to her people is amazing, and Meath expertly adds perfectly placed characters and storylines. She brings the Countess, her passion for Holland, and the way of life in that era alive on the page, and her meticulous research of the period is obvious. Readers will become immersed in Jacqueline’s life in 1400s Holland and feel as if they are there. Fans of historical fiction and romance will enjoy this book. 

I downloaded a copy of this book on Kindle Unlimited, where members can read it for free.


Gail Meath

Award-winning author Gail Meath writes historical romance novels that will whisk you away to another time and place in history where you will meet fascinating characters, both fictional and real, who will capture your heart and soul. Meath loves writing about little or unknown people, places and events in history, rather than relying on the typical stories and settings. 

The subgenres of her books vary from action-packed westerns, plot twisting murder mysteries and biographies of powerful women who defied the strict rules of society fighting for the freedom of their countries. Her romances may exclude steamy sexual scenes, yet the intensity between heroine and hero will satisfy your deepest fantasies. 

Outside of writing, she spends loads of time with her husband, children and grandchildren. 







Amazon *Kindle Unlimited Subscribers can read it for free.

Link to Gail Meath’s Website

Link to my Amazon review


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Tomatoes and Memories

Photo by Doug DeMoss

(Story about my Mom and gardening begins in the second paragraph.) Believe it or not, this week wasn’t all about books! The tomatoes in my garden are coming in fast and heavy, and I did a lot of canning this week. I haven’t posted about canning much, but I do enjoy water bath and pressure canning when I get a chance. This week I had to take time off work to keep up with these tomatoes, and on two different days I put up about 20 quarts, 5 pints of tomatoes, and five half-pints of green tomato jam (lemony and delicious, I promise). I still have more tomatoes to can, so I’m thinking about spicy ketchup or tomato chutney of some kind. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

I have been canning off and on for years, but there is a story behind these tomatoes that make them mean so much to me. My mom was an avid and gifted gardener. She grew up in the mountains of North Carolina in the 1930s/40s with eleven brothers and sisters, and a Dad who was a farmer and logger. She helped out in the house, and and she also helped her Mom can the garden bounty in a washtub out in the yard over an open fire, as they did not yet have electricity. Mom moved to Cincinnati when she married my Dad and we lived in a poorer suburb, but she always had a magnificent garden. My whole life growing up we had garden vegetables in the summer and home-canned vegetables in the winter. I never thought much about it, but we were eating well, despite being a family of 10 in a three-bedroom house..

When my Dad retired, he and my Mom moved back to those North Carolina mountains and she had a garden for the 20 years they were able to stay there. She always had home-canned green beans, tomatoes, and sauerkraut, as well as other vegetables and fruits, and she was happy to give them to her kids. Consequently I still was able to eat home-canned vegetables more than most. When health problems became too much for them, they moved back to Cincinnati so my sister could help them. My Mom immediately started a garden and kept it up, even when her health began to deteriorate. My Dad had dementia and heart problems, and passed in 2019.

When my Mom died suddenly in March 2020, she left behind tomato seedlings she had already started. My brother gathered them and split them up between the siblings. I planted my share of those seedlings, and they didn’t do very well at all. However, I got enough tomatoes to get seeds for this year. This year my husband and I planted the seeds, and the plants have thrived! We call them Granny Tomatoes, because my mom always went by Granny to her many kids, grandkids, and great grandkids. We put in about 20 Granny plants and about 10 Romas, and the bounty has been plentiful, with many more still on the vines. So these tomatoes to me are more than just a garden treat. They are a legacy, one of which I am very proud.

Photo by Doug DeMoss

All of the tomato photos were taken by my husband in our tomato garden, as was the one I put on the main page of this blog.

The first two photos are my Mom (Dorothy Jenkins Zinser) at 16. The original version is on the left and a colorized version is in the middle. On the right is my Mom at almost 88, making sauerkraut in October 2019. She went to Heaven five months later.

A Self-Published Saturday reblog: Book Review from France

As part of Self-Published Saturday, this is a reblog of a review for a great Self-Published book, The Siege of An Loc by Nguyen Trong Hien. See the rest of the review on his site. I have also reviewed this book on my site.  Link below

My review of The Siege of An Loc


A few weeks ago, a friend of mine who lives in Paris sent me an email about “The Siege of An Lộc”, my second novel published a year ago. I have translated his email below and also included his original in French.


I read your book “The Siege of An Loc”. I finished reading it a long time ago, but I was too perturbed by the events related to Covid to give you my impressions.

I loved both of your books [“Village Teacher” and “The Siege of An Loc“] and I think that one of these days someone will put the two on the silver screen since you provided sufficient historical details as well as details on military operations to transform both novels into love, historical, and action movies.

“The Siege of An Loc” is particularly captivating from beginning to end. From the start, I…

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Self-Published Saturday: Free Self-Published Book Today/Your Words Your World

Louise Bélanger’s wonderful book of poetry, Your Words, Your World, is free today on Amazon (ebook version only). The sale is worldwide and today only. Be sure and pick up a copy, absolutely free, and leave a review on Amazon. Reviews are extremely important, as you all know, and the authors appreciate them so much!


Here is my link to my 5-star review of Your Worlds, Your World that I did on a previous SP Saturday.

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#Book #Giveaway: The Divine Adventure

I will be giving away a copy of The Divine Adventure by Rebecca Friedlander on June 30, 2021. I will be posting a review of the book on that day. To enter, just comment below. The winner will be chosen by random drawing after 5 pm EST on June 29, 2021. A book description is below:


Are you looking for God’s best for your life? Do you have a plan for getting there? God created you for an amazing adventure of faith, and the twelve spiritual practices found in The Divine Adventure offer a practical road map for your journey. By learning to apply ancient spiritual disciplines, you’ll discover a life of wonder, passion, and flourishing faith.

Intensely personal and deeply practical, The Divine Adventure unpacks powerful disciplines that will revolutionize your prayer life, deepen your intimacy with God, create balance between rest and work, cultivate meaningful community with others, and more. Drawing from Scripture, ancient writings, visits to holy sites, and her own life experiences of brokenness and breakthrough, Rebecca Friedlander shares the keys that any follower of Christ can use to unlock their own divine adventure. Whether you’re a new believer or a seasoned disciple, you’ll find that implementing these practices will both empower your passion for Jesus and open new opportunities to express God’s heart to others. Are you ready?


Rebecca Friedlander

n 2004, Rebecca Friedlander moved into a garage apartment, set up her potter’s wheel in a little room below, and started to seek God and pursue art.  Her motivation was simply to have a life completely offered to God, and capture whatever flowed from that space.  Nearly two decades later, she’s still a full time artist, finding joy in using a variety of artistic mediums to tell stories about God’s love.  

Whether booking a one-way ticket to Ireland to film about Celtic history, shooting makeovers with 50 women around the world to tell stories of transformation and hope, or interviewing Christian music pioneers about their life lessons, Rebecca is passionate about telling stories that bring identity and truth in Christ.  

Rebecca is a published author with Baker House Publishing, and her films have been shown on every major English speaking TV network in the world, including TBN, Day Star, GOD TV, Pure Flix, and more.  Her recent project includes renovating a log home in Texas for spiritual retreats and workshops, and starting a non-profit called The Potter’s House Creative Ministries where she speaks and ministers weekly at the cabin.  ​She has a BA in Creative Christian Arts and a master’s in Celtic Studies.