Review Requests

I love to work with authors and publishers, and I’m happy to take your review requests and provide an honest review. However, at this time I cannot take anymore review requests until August in order to catch up a backlog. I can still do the Self-Published Spotlight, which does not include a review.

I am not accepting the following genres or situations: Horror, Dark Fantasy, Current Politics, Graphic Sexual Situations, or Graphic Language. Although I do not accept Horror, I do accept Paranormal and Magical Realism that is not too dark or violent. Addition: I’m not accepting Romance as the primary genre. If romance is secondary to the story, that is fine.

Self-Published Saturday: (No new requests until August)

I will feature a review of one or more books by a self-published author or authors every Saturday. Submit review requests to Please make the subject of your email Review Request. Please indicate if you are self-published/Indie and interested in Self-Published Saturday. *Please tell me the number of pages in your book.

New feature: Attention self-published/indie authors: I have a new feature called Self-Published Spotlight. This is a place, not for reviews, but to highlight your book, give a description, and include buy links. If your book is on sale, newly published, or you want a cover reveal, or for pretty much any reason, contact me and send me the book description, cover art, sale information, or anything else you want to be included. Self-Published Spotlight can be any day of the week, and the frequency I publish it will depend on how many requests I get. Again, these do not include a review. Email me at and include cover art, book description, sale information, and anything else you want to be included. Title the email Self-Published Spotlight.

*Reviews are always voluntary. If I feel I cannot review a book for any reason, I will let you know.

*Life gets busy sometimes. If you haven’t heard back from me, feel free to send me a reminder.