Arid by Anne Joyce is a dystopian novel set in a post apocalyptic America. Joshua, Xiomara, Skylar, Blane, and others are outcasts in a world where water is controlled by the rich and the poor are dying of thirst. Thrown into the desert because they cannot afford the water tax, the group fights back against the Purifiers, a sort of water police who do the bidding of the rich, take whatever (and whoever) they want, and kill everyone who gets in their way.

This is a fast paced novel that throws you into the action right from page one. It moves quickly from one battle to another as the group fights for survival. The character development suffers slightly from this, as I didn’t feel a strong connection to any character other than Xiomara, who was well developed. However, the author has written a prequel to this book called Parched, and we might get to connect to the characters more deeply in a less combative setting. Parched is available on the author’s website, The plot of Arid is very strong, and the premise is completely believable: The rich take over the country by stealing valuable resources, create a utopia for themselves, and throw everyone else out to die.

If you like dystopian novels with nonstop action, check this book out.

Three and a half stars, rounded up to four.

I received a free copy of this book from the author. I also picked it up on Kindle Unlimited. Kindle Unlimited members can get it for free. My review is voluntary.

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