New Rating System

I’ve decided to add a half star to my ratings system. There have been too many times when I was torn between a three and a four, or a four and a five, so something needed to be done. I am also going to repost a few reviews I feel needed an extra half star. I just wish Amazon had the option.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of the new half star, and ratings systems altogether. Goodreads, Amazon and others use the star ratings system. What do you think of it? I have seen one star reviews from readers because Amazon messed up their order. The review had nothing to do with the actual book. The other day I saw a raving and very complimentary review that had one star assigned to it so I can only imagine the reviewer made a mistake. One reviewer on Amazon gave a very good book two stars because it was self published! I could go on and on.

What do you think?

Bonnie Reads and Writes

I’m Bonnie, and this is my blog, Bonnie Reads And Writes. Like many of you, I work a full time job. But that is not my dream. My dream is to create a career out of reviewing books and maybe someday write my own book. I am set to retire from my day job in 3 and a half years and I am starting to take steps towards that dream. It is never too late to make your dreams happen. I am 56 years old, but I haven’t stopped dreaming, and neither should you! Please join me on my book review journey. I have been reviewing books on Netgalley for over a year, and have started doing voluntary reviews for Historical Novels Review Magazine as well. I would love to share my reviews with you. I dabble in writing a little, so you might see a poem or just an observation of the world. And I am lucky to live in the Appalachian Mountains, so I will definitely share pictures of the beauty around me with you.

I have the following badges by reviewing advance copies of books on Netgalley:

Reviews Published This means that more than three publishers have featured my reviews on their sites.

Professional Reader This means I am a Reviewer for Netgalley

Frequently Auto-ApprovedThis means more than 3 publishers have given me access to read all their available books on Netgalley. Right now, I am approved to read all Netgalley offerings for Bethany House, Revell, BooksGoSocial,, Black Rose Writing, Canelo, and Amazon UK.

100 Book Reviews

I recently achieved my goal of completing 200 reviews on Netgalley by the end of 2020. I have set myself the monumental task of reaching 500 Netgalley reviews by the end of 2021.

REVIEW REQUESTS ACCEPTED. IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO REVIEW YOUR BOOK, JUST EMAIL ME at My review will include a statement that a free copy was obtained from the author and my review is voluntary. I am not accepting the following genres or situations: Horror, Current Politics, Graphic Sexual Situations, or Graphic Language.