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Welcome! My name is Bonnie and I review books, often advance review copies, and post the reviews here on my site. I do reviews for Historical Novels Review Magazine, Netgalley, BookSirens, and sometimes by request from the author. I love to support Indie Authors and will begin posting Indie reviews, which you can check out at the tab to the right. Below are my most recent reviews. You can check out reviews by category in the Categories Section to the right. Indie authors feel free to email me at with any review requests. I am not accepting the following genres or situations: Horror, Current Politics, graphic sexual situations, or graphic language.


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The Book of Uriel

The Book of Uriel begins in World War II Poland, when a Jewish village is destroyed and its people slaughtered. A little boy, Uriel, finds himself on his own. Unable to speak, Uriel has always written stories in his golden notebook, stories of angels and demons. Taken in by Uwe, a linguist for the Nazis,… Continue reading The Book of Uriel

The Bird That Sang in Color

The Bird that Sang in Color is the saga of a family dealing with death, conflict, grief, alcoholism, and depression. Donna’s father is an alcoholic and she carries that into her married life to Frank, who has a problem with alcohol as well. Donna is devoted to her children and her brother Vince, a talented… Continue reading The Bird That Sang in Color

Harold (the puppy)

Harold, our adorable wire-hair dachshund puppy, has recently turned one, which I guess makes him no longer a puppy. However, he’ll always be our puppy. I attempted a Tanka about him below. A Tanka is 31 syllables. The first line is 5, second line 7, third line 5, and the last two are 7. HAROLD… Continue reading Harold (the puppy)

Vegetable Simple

Vegetable simple is a lovely cookbook with gorgeous pictures that provides recipes for vegetables that can be done often in the simplest and freshest ways. My favorite so far is the romaine caesar gratin, where you actually broil the parmesan on the top of the romaine before serving. Ingenious idea. I also want to try… Continue reading Vegetable Simple

Band of Sisters

Kate Moran, a Smith College alumnus and former scholarship student, has graduated and is trying to earn her living when she is contacted by her best friend Emmeline Van Alden. Kate is asked to join a group of Smith alumni who are going to help French civilians during World War I. She can’t imagine being… Continue reading Band of Sisters

Love’s Ragged Claws

First, before proceeding with the review I must say that there are some current political opinions in this story.  I don’t normally touch on current politics in my reviews on this blog.  Some of you will agree with the opinions in this story and some of you won’t.  That’s as much as I will say… Continue reading Love’s Ragged Claws

The Milk Wagon

I was hooked when I read this book by Michael Hewes and I find it to be an unsung gem! One of my goals with this blog is to help newer or lesser known authors (and self published authors) promote their work to others who might not otherwise see it. This fantastic book swept me… Continue reading The Milk Wagon

Book Blitz: Loving Modigliani

  The Afterlife of Jeanne Hébuterne Paranormal Ghost and Love Story Historical Paranormal Fiction, Magical Realism, Fantasy Fiction, Literary Fiction Published: December 2020 Publisher: Serving House Books A ghost story, love story, and a search for a missing masterpiece. PARIS 1920 Dying just 48 hours after her husband, Jeanne Hebuterne–wife and muse of the celebrated… Continue reading Book Blitz: Loving Modigliani


Leviathan is a fascinating ride with a young pilot through the British skies during World War I. The thoughts of the pilot flash back and forth from his BE2 single engine biplane, to his mission, to events from his past. He’s chasing a Zeppelin, the Leviathan that has come to invade his country and attack… Continue reading Leviathan


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